Flood Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan

Sustainable Engineeronomics Expertise

Water Infrastructure Sector

The project site is in close vicinity to the Waldhuni River. The river flows at about 40m from the southern boundary of the site. The site is situated at lower elevation with elevated land surrounding on all other boundaries i.e. the Western, the Northern and the Eastern. There is a big nala flowing through the site draining out the runoff from the North and two small streams flow along the Western and the Eastern periphery. All the streams drain out of the site through the southern or south-eastern boundary and flow into the Waldhuni River. The site gets flooded during the monsoons due to high flow in river and due to the runoff resulting from the surrounding area.

Site survey, data collection, topographical, hydrological and hydraulic analysis, and hydrodynamic modelling were carried out as part of the study.

Project details

  • Site area: 15 acres
  • BUA (Sq. Ft): 8,18,057.2 Sq.Ft
  • Services offered: Flood Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan
  • Software used: ArcGIS, QGIS, HECRAS
  • Project Status: Ongoing

Value Additions/Project Highlights

  • Identification of catchments and sources of flooding
  • Suggestions for mitigation
  • Flood modelling and mapping