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Our Work Culture

At Ecofirst, it is routine to question (conventional) assumptions and thumb rules, to not take anything for granted; and to continually foster a culture that brings together people from different disciplines - Architecture, Infrastructure, Engineering, Water and Energy, amongst others - within our group to effectively explore new concepts, ideas on sustainability, ideas that are more people centric and can be executed easily. This approach enables us to collectively tackle problems that are complex and multidisciplinary while fulfilling our clients' end goals. It also goes a long way in achieving simple, cost effective, sustainable outputs for our clients.

Why Join Ecofirst

Want to work in a challenging yet open/fun office environment? Join Ecofirst.

At Ecofirst, you will get an opportunity to work on the world’s best projects, independence to convert your sustainability ideas and knowledge into reality, freedom to choose your own path and work in a stimulating free office environment pushing you to grow.

Everyday here is a challenge and every day here is a new opportunity.

To learn To grow To impact and To become.

We are a team of self-motivated experts from diverse backgrounds and believe in power of team work and growing together. As a Tata Enterprise our ethics and TCoC value systems are engrained in our work culture and we believe in delivering excellence and quality.

Join us, be a part of our sustainability journey.

Team Experiences

Sanchi Pathella

Building Energy Analyst

Team: Sustainable Services


“I joined Ecofirst Services Limited a year ago, after completing my post graduation from CEPT University. My tenure at Ecofirst has allowed me to stretch my capabilities, acquire new skills and take charge of projects. I believe that the people at Ecofirst are committed to changing the world, for a better and sustainable future. They support each other to reach collective and individual goals. They also gave us a chance to participate in the Indian Green League 2019 organised by IGBC, where we earned laurels for the company.”


Assistant Manager - Electrical

Team: MEP - Sustainable Engineeronomics


“The thing which I like most at Ecofirst and find different is that all project decisions-design or non-design are vetted from sustainable point of view. I love that I'm constantly learning, through working with expert colleagues and being able to work on a scope of projects to enhance the sustainable operational practices. The working environment is friendly and is always open to different initiatives and supports any questions within the working platform.”

Shraddha Jadhav

Senior Green Building Analyst

Team: Sustainable Services


“Ecofirst is an organization with sustainable design in its DNA. It motivates me to adapt to the constantly changing and evolving definitions of sustainable practices making it an interesting place to be, where I can handle projects from plethora of rating systems like IGBC, LEED, GRIHA, WELL etc. and more. I have interned with Ecofirst during my masters and post-which joined the sustainability team as a Green Building Analyst.”

Aamir Patel

Team Lead -Architect, Urban Designer

Team: Ecofirst Design Studio


"I am glad to share that it has been almost 5 years of association with Ecofirst. Since I joined I was impressed how everyone here works with goal-oriented approach. The journey has been quite amazing full of opportunities to grow technically, creatively, and personally & I am sure anyone being a part of Ecofirst will soon realise the culture her is infectious with the feeling of pride and passion while working around all the co-workers and the kind of work we do.

Ecofirst considers each employee as an asset and makes sure they get their happy spot in no time. As an Architect & Urban Designer I got opportunity to work on many pride projects of national importance as well as of personal interest.

Its main focus area being Sustainable Instigated designs, Ecofirst offers a array of services in House with Architecture, Urban Design Planning, MEP, Infra, Sustainability, Program management and more, this makes the deliveries smoother, faster and of superior quality. It also has specialised design cell called the Ecofirst design Studio. Overall as a TATA company Ecofirst operates with a positive attitude, has its primacies right and embedded TATA values within.

Respect, care and excellence are qualities that exude from the top and flow through rest of the company. I thank Ecofirst for giving me the perfect platform to excel."

Life @ Ecofirst

At Ecofirst, we value work-life balance.

Life Balance

Along with this we also have Fun Fridays, Team bonding activities, celebrate festivals and have annual off-sites to ensure work is fun.

Ecofirst employees are equally active and participate in TCE CSR Volunteering week and similar initiatives. We have flexible hours to ensure we have work life balance. We encourage our employees to attend workshops, seminars, technical events, conferences, etc to ensure being up-to-date in our field.

Thus, not only do we provides a challenging environment to work but also ensure fun at work and welcome opportunities for individual growth of our employees.

Training at Ecofirst

Fun at Ecofirst