Coronavirus Safety

We, Ecofirst Services Limited, a subsidiary of Tata Consulting Engineers (TCE) follow the Corona Safety measures formed by TCE


COVID-19 Pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges for families, communities, healthcare systems, government and organizations in every industry. As engineers, designers and consultants we have to flex and evolve, use our expertise to innovate, try new ideas and collaborate with others to serve communities in such challenging times.

Ecofirst Services Limited joined the fight against coronavirus with Tata Consulting Engineers Limited by providing design and engineering engineering solutions to the government, private organisations as well as communities. We provided COVID resilient strategies in built form across various sectors such as Architecture & Urban Design, MEP & Infrastructure and sustainability.

As a response to provide infrastructure support to healthcare systems, TCE with Ecofirst took up the task of designing and developing specialized solutions– Quarantine Cabins, Isolation Cabins and Intensive Care Units. We facilitated makeshift arrangements to either convert the existing building equipped with the facilities or new modular, quick in construction modules to suffice the need. This led to the design and development of A 'Standard Tata Unit', a modular clock container of 6055 х 2435 x 2591 mm ensuring rapid deployment, mass manufacturing, minimal site efforts and a scalable solution.

Apart from design and engineering solutions, we also disseminated beneficial information on new technologies, strategies and interventions to combat the pandemic and contain virus. Decontamination Space Planning Guide, Use of Ultra Violet-C in disinfecting and sanitizing of spaces such as homes, workspaces, schools etc., Post Covid Strategies in Urban Planning to make cities resilient, Physical distancing while using Public Transit modes etc. are few of the topics highlighted and captured.

Below is a collection of ideas and strategies where we explore that how design and engineering can play a role in creating a healthier world.

"Standard Tata Unit" Design

COVID-19 and Urban Planning

UVC for Rescue

Physical distancing in Transit

Decontamination space for planning